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From Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian            
         W A N T E D    D A N C E R S
Call 607 - 279 - 9945

Tri - Falcon and Dove Dance Academy is developing dance troupe and dance teacher education programs to fill in serveral market nitches around the United States.  This focus on two areas:
University and College Dance Performance Service Department:
This includes a booking agency service to link up Universities with performers.  Moreover, and in additon, is TFDDA'S Choreography Services for existing campus performing groups, as well as audtioning them to be placed on a University Dance Tour; students need the additional income too.
Dance Programs for Small Communities with county-wide populations of less than 100,00. Here, in Ithaca, New York, The Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program, which starts with $10.00/4 dance lessons, is being developed for packaging both high quality dance program while making it adaptive to be socioeconimically inclusive.
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The  Washington D.C. Experience 1969 - 1971:
It was at the junction of New York Avenue, and 14th Street, the Old RKO Theater Building ( some one tell me if it still exists ), where I walked into The Arthur Murray Dance Studio, and was put into a Training Class for Dance Instructors by Glenda Nelson, then, one of the Supervisors, especially mine. Here I survived with Susan Avery, and David Malrich training class out of 27 who started. The reason why I stayed with it is due to finally dealing with some after of the affects of the Vietnam War, but the people who were connected with this studio, at that time about 19 to 23 personel listing, also were very encouraging.
Thanks from Roger M. Christian of Ithaca, New York
The basic conditions which brought about the popularity of Social Dance came from the contributing factor that it came out of the community.  It was not till much later on that dance instructors appeared.  The dance instructor, unfortunately became too involved with the money aspects-which, itself, was driven by income anxieties, and as result started promotional dances ( to promote dance lessons ). Thus, and unknown to the instructors themselves, this killed the larger and broader consumer centered market foundation of dance instructional services.  What The Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program is to bring about, is a healthy dance consumer centered market by re-empowering the public to have complete ownership over their respected community social dances.

At several university campuses, there exist many student groups who have budgets as result of budgetary applications to their student governments, which exist by manditory student fees. As a result they are always looking for performance groups which can enhance their campus wide image. Thus, a popular entertainment Dance Performance Event empowers their popularity to enhance their campus political position as a result. One of the most succesful of these during the 70's was the Israeli centered performing group, The Ruach Revival, all the way from Israel.  This and others factors based upon personal experience up to 1992, clearly indicates a large market nitch for performing groups, as well as for small communities with less than 50,000 populations county wide.

Interested parties should write:

103 West Seneca, Suite 206 A
Ithaca, New York, 14850

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